5 Best Apps Everyone Should Use

In this post we will discuss about apps. At this present time Daily thousands apps are posted in Google play store. So we should use apps that are privacy protected and good for us.

Apps are very useful for smartphone. You can do some specific work on different apps. But you should choose apps which are privacy protected and non Chinese for Indian users.

5 Best Apps

We have listed 5 apps that are privacy protected and very useful for everyone. These apps are provided by very good publishers. These apps are always think about their users.

1. Chrome

Chrome is the best browser for Android, ios, and windows. Chrome is provided by Google. So you shouldn’t worry about your privacy. Chrome doesn’t sell any personal data to other.

There are many browsers available in market but Chrome is the best. Recent experiments shows that Chrome is the fastest and secure browser from all other.

2. Telegram

Telegram is the best massaging app at this time. Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Signal are the well known social media apps. But Telegram is the best app from them. Because it has lot more features than other apps.

Not only features but Telegram is the app that doesn’t consider with any privacy issues. Telegram app is banned some countries because Telegram denied them to provide data. So you shouldn’t worry about your privacy concerns.

You can use Telegram app in Android. ios and windows also. It has lote more features than whatsapp. Whatsapp can provide data to government but Telegram doesn’t do that.

So you should always use Telegram for private massaging app. Facebook, Instagram, whatsapp are not well protected at this time. They can sell your personal data.

3. BHIM – Making India Cashless

Bhim App is payment app launched by indian government. It is based on UPI. So if you use upi often than you must use bhim app for that.

Most of the indian users use Paytm for internet transaction. But please don’t use Paytm app from now. Because 10% share of Paytm is acquired by Chinese companies. So it has some part of Chinese. And also Paytm sells your number, and some details to shop owners whom you have paid in past.

4. Aarogya Setu

Corona is the biggest problem for now. Because it is spreading very faster in india. Aarogya setu app is published by Indian government to stop spreading coronavirus.

Aarogya Setu apps provide us locations of Corona infected apps. So you can get that locations and stay away from infected people. All of your data is very secure in this app because it is official app by Indian government.

5. DigiLocker

This app is provided by indian government. It is official app for documents in india. You can download and store your documents. If you forget your original documents, than by showing DigiLocker documents you can confirm your identity to Police, Army or government.

Thanks for reading this post. We hope you have liked our website. Please share this post with your friends and family members. So everyone can be aware by using fraud apps.

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